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All on four implants

I need to have all of my teeth removed & am looking at an All on Four implants for both jaws.

  • Dr Dario Vieira Pereira

    The price of the dental implant is 450 euros. And then after oseointegration we will need to place the implant crown and the price is 500 euros. Total cost of Single implant top front tooth is 950 euros

  • Dr Dario Vieira Pereira

    It would be perfect if you could visit our dental clinic in Barcelona for a free consultation.

    We can in the same day under conscious sedation place immediate load implants and same day teeth while you are at sleep so you dont need to worry about being scared

    Price of each dental implant is 450 euros.
    And fixed immediate load prothetic is 1500 euros
    Conscious sedation price is 900 euros.
    All treatment can be done in one day.

  • Dr Dario Vieira Pereira

    Hi I am looking for prices for all on four dental implants top an bottom jaw or whatever I can as all my teeth need taken out as they r all rotten an broken due to accident years ago an been to scared to go to dentist but need this done so am going to get all my teeth taken out in the uk and when all healed look to get implants if I can

  • Dr Dario Vieira Pereira

    The price of a good treatment would be:
    placing minimum 6 dental implants = 2700 euros
    and the immediate load implants denture = 1500 euros
    extractions are free
    Total cost = 4200 euros for one jaw

    If you need to do upper and lower jaw it will be 8400 euros. In that case i would also advice conscious sedation.
    Cost of dental sedation is 600 euros.

    The time you need to be in Barcelona would be a week.

    All-on-six or Immediate load implants is fixed teeth that you have since the first day until dental implants are osteointegrated. Then after 6 month you should do the definitive dentures of circonium

  • Dr Dario Vieira Pereira

    Please excuse me if I am incorrect, but, from reading your email I am assuming that the total price for the implants (Four-on-Four to both the upper & lower jaw) would be approximately 4800 euro? Could you please confirm if this is correct? Also, how much (approximately) would it cost to have my teeth extracted, and how long would I be required to stay in Barcelona. I am assuming that around 3 weeks would be sufficient?

  • Dr Dario Vieira Pereira

    All-on-four implants advantages

    The advantages of all-on-four dental implants technique is that it has same higher oseointegration success rates than traditional dental implant techniques wich is around 98%.
    With this dental implants technique in Propdental Clinic in Barcelona is possible to have the implants and the fixed prosthetic teeth with immediate function all done in a single day – not only the surgery, but also the placement of fixed (non-removable) teeth.

    With All-on-four or other immediate load implants technique you will leave our Propdental Clinic in Barcelona with new fixed teeth and you will be able to eat, speak and smile with confidence on the same day.

    The price of a dental implant is 450 euros. If you need 4 or 6 implants cost of immediate implant treatment is 4 or 6 for 450 euros. The cost of fixed prosthesis immediately standing on the same day or within 24 hours of the placement of dental implants is 1500 euros per dental arch. So, to replace the entire mouth with teeth 2 would need fixed prosthesis.
    To perform the treatment in our clinics in Barcelona we recommend staying a few days in the city.

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