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Bruxism, filings and mouthguard

I am a US expat who has recently moved to Spain and I am in search of a dentist. I suffer from bruxism and I wear a mouthguard, but I believe I may need some filings done on some of my back molars due to grinding. I just wanted to get some price quotes for how much an initial appointment is, and then the average cost of filings at your practice

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    I need all upper teeth extracted, 8 left and then upper denture. Also need one crown on lower and periodontal scraping on lower

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    The price of one dental implant is 450 euros. You just need to be one day in Barcelona. And then came back on 4-6 month to place the definitive crowns

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    Hola! I am looking for an implant one one tooth in upper jaw! Can you tell a price and how many days this would take in Barcelona? Gracias Bob

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    Hello Ana the price of a dental implant is 450 euros and the price of a implant crown is 500 euros. Total cost of a dental implant is 950 euros

    Do you have an x-ray that you can send to us in order to evaluate your case and advice on how many implants would you need.


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    I would like to know how much the price to make new teeth.
    I lost 8 . So i need information before i come there.

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    The price of wisdom tooth removal is 90 euros.

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    Hi, I am leaving Spain in 3 weeks, but I have developed an infection in my lower left wisdom tooth. What would you recommend I do? How much would it cost me for a wisdom tooth extraction? Since I’m leaving in 3 weeks would it be wise for me to remove it here? Thank you!

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    Yes we can help you out. It would be needed for you to stay a couple of days for the treatment. A dental implant cost is 450 euros

    And then you should return in 4-6 months to place the implant crown 500 euros
    Total dental implant cost in Barcelona is 950 euros.
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    I was wondering if you could help me. Some time ago I lost a front tooth. I would like a dental implant (or other solution).

    I live in London but I want to come to Barcelona (somewhere in April) for treatment. Would you be able to help me out? If so what do you need from me, how long would it all take and what could the costs be?


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    Cost of a filing

    The cost of an initial appointment is free in Propdental. The cost of a filing is 48 euros

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