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Dental crown price


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I have a estimate from a UK dentist for 16 dental crowns and some extensions to lower front teeth. I can e mail the complete summary plus photos. X Rays and mock up is also available. I can spend a week at your location. Thank you.



  • Dr Dario Vieira Pereira


    Hello Steve , the photographic analysis you sent is quite explicit so no further testing is necessary for the moment since we Propdental we will do them again for free.
    Also I have noticed that one or two should be placed dental implants in the lower right  jaw, the price of each implant is 450 euros and 500 euros implant prostheses .
    You present a typical grinding tooth from bruxism .
    I would recommend doing your treatment in Barcelona in two phases. An initial phase in the upper arch mainly because is were is the aesthetics problems in your smile and in a second phase the bottom arch.
    Also would be nice if we can use porcelain veneers instead of all-ceramic crowns but we need to do that evaluation on the clinic.
    I would recommend placing in a first step on your visit to Barcelona 10 crowns in the maxilla and the needed dental implant
    The price of the first treatment phase would be if we zirconium crowns of 3980 euros and if porcelain veneers 5000 euros. Plus the cost of 450 for the dental implant.
    I insist that after prosthetic rehabilitation should use a dental splint .
  • Dr Dario Vieira Pereira

    Price of dental crowns on Barcelona

    Thanks for trusting Propdental clinics to rehabilitate your smile
    dental crowns priceThe dental crown price depends on the material you want for your teeth. We recommend for aesthetic reasons the uses of zirconium crowns in your smile design.
    The price of each zirconium crown is 398 euros so the cost would be approximately 6368 euros treatment clinic in Barcelona Propdental.
    We can plan your visit treatment and to do it in a week. You can send an email to with xray photos you have and we have a mockup for reference has been planned as designing your smile.
    During the week we will contact you by phone to explain in more detail the protocol we have for patients visiting from other countries and benefit for dental tourism.

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