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Good Evening,
I am looking for information on dental implants. I had two molars extracted about a year ago and are now well healed. I need to have 2 implants placed – 1 on the right side of the superior arcade (3rd tooth from the back) and the other is the 3rd on the left side of the lower arcade.

I am aware that I need a full consultation for evaluation. As I live in Ireland, I am wondering if you would be able to give me an estimate of the timeframe needed for the full dental implants procedure, the average number of appointments needed and price guidelines. I would like to start in early January, so would appreciate if you could let me know your availability and if it is possible to initiate the procedure shortly after or at the first consultation.

Many Thanks in advance



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    The Price dental implants of a full implanted mouth: to rehab a dental arcade between 6 and 8 implants are needed. The price of the dental implant is 450€ (titanium root).

    Implant prosthesis prices:

    1. Metal ceramic implant crown 500 euros.
    2. Complete rehab: Superior or inferior arcade with zirconia porcelain: 5350€ (each).
    3. Complete rehab: Superior or inferior arcade with resin metal: 2850€ (each).

    If you want to design your new smile and eat again as you deserve, get in contact with Clínicas Propdental for an appointment for a free visit with no obligation. We are waiting for you!

    Do you have an existing x-ray that you can send to us by email?

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    I am 67 years old with some teeth missing on top remainding top teeth in reasonable condition bottom teeth in poor condition. I would like a full mouth rebuild useing dental implants.Could you give me an average cost.thanks Randolph Newton

  • Dr Dario Vieira Pereira

    Price dental implants Ireland

    The price of the two implants is 450 euros each and we can place then in one visit. So you would need to stay one night in Barcelona. Once placed the implants you should come back in 4 months to do the prosthetic crowns and for that we will need you to stay 4 days in Barcelona. The price of the two crowns is 500 euros each

    Total implantology treatment cost on propdental is 1900 euros.

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