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Porcelain veneers price


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I am moving to Barcelona for July and August and would like some veneers on my top and maybe bottom teeth. Is it possible to complete the process over two months, and what is your average price per tooth for porcelain veneers? Thanks Lauren



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    Hola Lauren, first of all thank for contacting with us
    To do the procedure of the dental crowns in two month it is posible but it is necesary that your theeth are ok, as if they have any other problem like cavities we should treat them first
    If you have a digital xray you could send it to us on email so that we can plan better the times for the needed dental treatment.

    Dental crown price

    The price of the dental crown is 261 euros. the price of aesthetic circonium crowns is 398 each one

    Dental veneers price

    The price for dental veneer empress is 480 euros.
    Best wishes

    Hope to hear from you soon.

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