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Price for full mouth implants

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I wish to receive a price for full mouth implants please. I attach 3D x-ray. Irish National



  • I am over at friends for summer from the uk and my to tooth has broken can you advise a suitable dentist to go to in my area and can i use my uk nhs medical card

  • Dr Dario Vieira Pereira

    Price of full mouth implants in Barcelona

    As i can see in the Xray you have very little bone on the upper jaw.
    Although to give an estimate price
    you would need
    dental extrations of all teeth, price for one dental extration is 25 euros.
    6 implants on the upper jaw and 6 implants on lower jaw
    price per implant 450 euros.

    I would advice same day implants with sedation.
    Price of sedation 900 euros and price of same day teeth 1500 euros per arch

    This is the first step and then we will wait six months for the definitive prosthetics in zirconium

    If you wish me to contact you from Propdental Clinic you can give me a phone number on and we can discuss your treatment.

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