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I had a Motorbike accident on the 21st may the trauma to my face was very serious, I sustained a broken nose, broken jaw and 4 of my front teeth came out due to this I needed facial surgery. I have been told I will need a bone graft above my 2 front teeth as the bone was completely shattered in my accident and no bone was saved, also I will need 2 dental implants for my front teeth and a crown for the 3rd upper tooth which I have had extracted due to the position of it and 1 lower molar implant which was removed in my younger years nothing to do with the accident. Also I have been undergoing orthodontic treatment for 18 months with a brace fitted to straighten teeth I was just near the end of the orthodontic treatment when this accident happened and it has un straightened all my teeth again so I would like for these to be straightened when I come over for the treatment, I would like a clean, descale and polish as well as teeth whitening.

I want to leave your surgery with a full white beaming smile. I need to have this done in 1 trip as I will be coming over seas, when you have looked over this and decided it is something you can do can you please send me a plan of what you will be doing and the price of the whole treatment. I need this doing ASAP as it is bringing me down and knocking my confidence. I will be willing to fly out straight away when you have got back to me.

I don’t just want to come over for a consultation I want to come over for the actual treatment. I need you to take my braces off to whiten all my teeth and then put them back on the same.



  • Dr Dario Vieira Pereira

    I would be interesting in getting three dental implants in my top jaw, along with replacing my fillings, I have a lot of them with white ones. I would
    also like to consider teeth whitening too.
    My time is limitied and I live in UK. Would it be possible to have a consultation one day and treatment the next day?
    I would like to consider treatment in about 2 weeks time, whould this be possible?
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Dr Dario Vieira Pereira

    Hello the treatment i propose to you is a cheap one but with better quality that the one you are looking for as for me is a very low quality one.

    So: all on four means a full denture over 4 dental implants( that is very few implants) i will advice a minimum of 6 dental implants per arch

    The treatment proposed is:
    dental sedation 800 euros
    Full mouth extration (extration of 19 teeth: 475 euros
    placement of 6 dental implants per arch: price of each dental implant is 450 euros
    inmediate load denture (teeth in one day): 1500 euros per arch

    With this treatment you will have teeth in one day.
    After 6 month when osteointegration is done we should replace the fixed prosthetic by a zirconium denture.

    We are based on Barcelona ( you can check the flight price from your home town and we can advice you with accomodation

  • Dr Dario Vieira Pereira


    I want to have the all on four dental implants treatment. I am looking for the country that does it the cheapest. I have included a recent x-ray of my teeth. I need to know the full treatment cost. I also need to know how many visits I would need to make and for how long each visit would need to be as I need to include the cost of flights and hotel accommodation in my total costs.

    Kind regards

    ortopantomografia rehabilitación bucal

  • Dr Dario Vieira Pereira

    Hello, it is complicated to evaluate the treatment because you say that you want 3 implants, bone graft and orthodontics and whitening in one visit and that is not posible.

    What we can do is to place the 3 dental implants with a bone graft
    Price is 950 euros for each dental implant (implant and crown all included) en 189 for bone grafth. We can place implants and bone graft on first stage and in a second stage the crowns

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