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Teeth are loose


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I have receding gums the majority of my teeth are loose my dentist quoted me for £2000 for 4 crowns but my concern is the wether the crowns would last long dont know wether it would be more beneficial to look at dental implants or possibly dentures due to the condition of my teeth i am worried about smiling my confidence is very low many thanks



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    Hola, i have 1 upper premolar that has recently broken down to the root. I would like to get the one day implant and crown. Can you please email me the cost for the one day implant and crown. thanks

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    I had one tooth extracted Monday. When can you do implant. What is the full 

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    The cost of a complete dental implant in Propdental: titanium root (450€) and metal-porcelain crown (500€) so overall: 950€. If the implant prosthesis in made by a zirconium crown using CAD-CAM dental technology

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    I will need two implants, four veneers & whitening in total. The two implants I will need will be to replace two baby milk teeth I still have at the age of 23 – they are still intact due to no adult teeth are there to push and replace them.

  • Dr Dario Vieira Pereira

    Dental implants to replace loose teeth

    If teeth have advanced mobility as a dentist clinic I would not recommend Propdental placing crowns on those teeth and probably end up losing because of a lack of bone support. As concerned and I agree I think the best option would be to replace teeth with dental implants Advanced mobility giving greater security and guarantee of long-term duration of the rehabilitation treatment

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