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I have bad teeth. I have had 6 extractions over the years. I also have 3 root canals. I now have a bridge on my upper front teeth..The 3 teeth on which the bridge was anchored appear infected. The surrounding gum is red and sore. I have 2 root canals that need to be crowned. I also have permanent and temporary fillings. My whole mouth needs to be checked and a treatment plan done.



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    I need 6 crowns *2 central incisor *2Lateral incisor *2canine and replace silver fillings with white fillings

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    Child age 8 in pain maybe a filling or extraction?

  • Dr Dario Vieira Pereira

    Hello, if the bridge teeth are infected maybe the dental treatment needed is the extraction and placement of dental implants. I will be glad to see you on out dental clinic in Barcelona for a free consultation and to do a treatment plan to recover the health of your mouth

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