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Upper denture replaced by implants

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I have at the moment a full upper set of dentures. I have had some form of upper plate for proxy 40 years and was wondering if there was a possibility of having the upper denture replaced by implants. I have been diagnosed as a type 2diabetic and am taking drugs for the condition(not insulin)



  • Hello, veneers can be a solution. Price of porcelain veneers are 480 euros. We recommend first to do a free consultation in order to evaluate your needs of treatment and advice about witch would be the best definitive solution in your particular case.

  • i am 44 and have receding gums and probably need extensive work possibly implants veneers or bridge work

  • Hello about your medical condition there is no contraindication for dental implant rehabilitation. Although we should evaluate the amount of bone available for dental implants placement. If we need to do a fixed rehabilitation we would need to place a minimum of six implants. It is important if you can to send us a x-ray to evaluate and do a diagnosis of the needed treatment and price of do it in Propdental Clinics in Barcelona

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