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Dentist Barcelona

You are invited to a zero cost free consultation by our English speaking dentist in Barcelona. Here at Propdental Barcelona Dental Clinic we would love to design your dream smile. We are a specialized dental implant centre and perform minimally invasive aesthetic dentistry at affordable prices, designed to help solve the problems that can affect both your mouth and teeth.

All our dental team in Barcelona are English speaking and are specialized in aesthetics and immediate load dental implants, allowing patients to have same day implants and dentistry.

Diagnosis and Quote

Before you can begin your dental treatment and to help us provide your first diagnosis and treatment quote, you are required to send us a scanned copy of an updated dental panoramic X-Ray to As well as some pictures of your smile along with your telephone number, just in case one of our doctors may need to inform you further about your treatment choices and answer any questions directly.

Free consultation in Barcelona

At a Propdental clinic you can ask for a no charge 30 minute uninterrupted consultation with the dentist in Barcelona, where you can discuss your case and all the possible treatment options.

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We believe and consider that a no cost free initial consultation, is the best way to help our patients make a relaxed decision about their needed treatment. In this consultation we will explain the various treatment options and we will provide a quick clinical overview of similar cases. Covering important questions such as, ‘what will that treatment do for me’, ‘how long might it take’ and ‘how much will it cost’.

The following four financial options are offered on our dental clinic:

  1. A discount for full cash payment on any amount over 500 Euros.
  2. Acceptance of major credit cards
  3. A payment of 50% at the start of the treatment and the balance paid before the end.
  4. Outside patient financing

English speaking Dentist in Barcelona

The benefits of good cosmetic dentistry can help us in our daily lives in ways we never imagined. At Propdental we have formed a consolidated team of English speaking specialized dentists in each of the four dental clinics, all of which are located in the heart of Barcelona.

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You will find the warmth and personal attention of our dentists comforting and calming, with each one specialized in dental implants, orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry and all offered at affordable prices.

Doctor Dario Pereira is Propdental medical director and english speaking dentist. As a result of dentistry development Propdental consider necessary to provide our patients with specialized dental treatments to ensure the best quality of care.

In Propdental Dental Clinics you will find a highly specialized english speaking dentist in Barcelona performing the best quality treatments service in:

  • Dental implants and teeth in a day.
  • Invisalign orthodontics.
  • Dental Aesthetics of porcelain dental veneers.
  • Teeth whitening.

Dental Implants Barcelona

Propdental implants are the ultimate solution for creating your dream smile at an affordable price. The ” href=””>Dental implants price is starts at 390 euros. Dental implant crowns start at 450 euros. Meaning the starting price for a dental implant is 840 euros. We offer immediate load implants with conscious sedation so that our patients can receive a full set of replacement teeth in just one day.

We offer immediate load implants with conscious sedation so that our patients can received a full set of replacement teeth in just one day.

Doctor Dario Vieira Pereira is a Master of Oral Surgery and Implantology at the Faculty of Dentistry at Barcelona University.

Ortodonthics Invisalign

Affordable prices and high quality of orthodontics in Barcelona.

Invisalign full price is 3900 euros in Propdental Barcelona Dental Clinic.

We recommend invisible orthodontics without dental braces using invisalign aligners designed and manufactured by computer.

No prep dental veneers

No-prep porcelain dental veneers are ultra thin veneers that do not require anesthesia or tooth grinding.

Ask us for the cost of porcelain dental veneers and teeth whitening for the perfect smile. Each of Propdental Barcelona dental clinic employ the latest technology in modern dentistry.