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Common denture problems

Common denture problems among wearers usually involve ill-fitting false teeth, causing pain. Pain is directly related to the way they fit in the mouth.

Denture problem risks

When a denture rests snugly against the gums and doesn’t slide around, then pain shouldn’t be an issue. But when dentures begin to rub against the gums, it leads to soreness and swelling. Left untreated, this can make wearing dentures intolerable.

If dentures don’t fit well and seniors experience pain, they are likely to eat less or eat softer foods. They also don’t swallow the same way they used to. Not eating foods that they used to enjoy is another sign of unstable or uncomfortable dentures. Poor diet and lower nutritional intake could lead to a variety of health and digestive problems.

Furthermore, ill fitting dentures constantly rub on the gums and can create a callus, called an epulis, which requires dental treatment to remove.

Natural changes in the gums and jaw over time can be another factor that causes denture pain. Gums change, and over time bone underneath the gum can shrink. The change is progressive, so seniors don’t notice it. But their dentures no longer fit properly.

No matter what the cause, Ill-fitting dentures can be fixed by your dentist. Three techniques are typically used, including relining, recasting, and changing them for dental crowns.

Dentures can be an important solution to tooth loss. Today’s dentures, also called false teeth, are not like the ones elders used to wear. They are more comfortable and natural looking than they were in the past. Still, if you don’t take proper care of your dentures, problems can occur.

If you wear them, it is very important you keep your mouth clean and healthy. You should also only wear them that fit properly. Otherwise, gum irritation, mouth infections, and problems eating and speaking may arise.

If you have problems with your them, see your dentist right away. Your false teeth may need to be adjusted or replaced. Also, make sure to treat your false teeth as if they were natural teeth, cleaning them likewise. Brushing should be performed at least twice a day.

Use a toothpaste and toothbrush specially designed for them. Regular toothpaste and brushes are abrasive enough to scratch the surface of false teeth. Soak dentures at night. Dentures may lose their shape if they are allowed to dry out. Remove the dentures, clean them and soak them in denture cleanser overnight

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Doctor Dario Vieira Pereira
Dr. Dario Vieira Pereira is the medical director or our Propdental centers located in Barcelona, Madrid and Badalona.

Dr. Dario Vieira Pereira is an expert in aesthetic dental treatments. He ensures patients recover a bright and natural smile and maintain a healthy hygiene daily to prevent future oral issues.

He has passed a Master in surgery and implantology at Facultad de Odontología, at the Universidad de Barcelona

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    Yes, I am aware of this problem. Sometimes false teeth may need to be adjusted or replaced. Also, make sBrushing should be performed at least twice a day.

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    There are few problems when it comes to dentures, but they can be cleared by taking proper care and visiting the dentist at regular intervals.

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