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Tooth loss due to pyorrhea

Publish by Doctor Dario Vieira Pereira el 17 April 2015 en dentistry

Tooth loss due to pyorrheaTooth loss is a condition that affects many people and is a situation that causes a worsening of both aesthetics and oral function.

Although many people think that losing teeth only affects elderly patients the truth is that anyone runs this risk when you consider the many causes that make this possible: advanced caries, periodontal disease, bruxism, dental trauma, etc. Now we will learn the particularities of tooth loss due to pyorrhea, one of the most common causes that can affect all types of people, regardless of age or sex.


Tooth loss caused by pyorrhea


Pyorrhea is known as an infectious disease affecting tissues which have the function of supporting the teeth, these being gums, alveolar bone and the periodontal ligament. Pyorrhea is also known as periodontitis and may make its appearance at the age of 15 years, manifesting through a gingivitis whose main symptom is swelling and bleeding of gum tissue.

Over the years, pyorrhea becomes a common disease and it is estimated that over 80% of patients over 35 years suffer from it, to varying degrees. Just as with any oral pathology, a quick visit to the dentist is vital to solve this problem if catched in its early stages, especially if we consider that periodontitis is a serious and irreversible disease.

As we have mentioned, this condition is initiated by the inflammation and bleeding of the gums. Pyorrhea is a mild disease that can be controlled by improving our oral hygiene, because through this simple daily process we will be able to remove the microbes in bacterial plaque, as these agents are those that enable the onset of the disease.

If we leave gingivitis untreated, we run the risk of the infection spreading to the rest of the periodontal tissues, both the bone that holds the tooth and the periodontal ligament, this being an irreversible phase that requires urgent attention to avoid tissue destruction and further tooth loss. Once tissue structure that holds the tooth occurs, our dentist will have to proceed with its replacement. If this happens, we may opt for a dental restoration method, however, this is a more expensive and complex procedure compared to the process of preventing periodontal disease.

In Propdental Clincics we care to examine the periodontal tissue of our patients in order to prevent the occurrence of any disease related with the oral area.


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